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Cratos Technology Zambia is a Software Development company incorporated in Zambia. At Cratos we attract futuristic thinkers passionate about the events of today while creating the possibility of tomorrow. Our people are empowered to transform information into insight to create opportunity for our clients, while embracing the change that comes with technology, time, consumer appetite and other vices.

Cratos Technology is poised at creating value for our clients by implementing an all embracing solutions that are excellent and competitive. We deliver excellent client experience enabled by our innovative mindset, technology and operational platforms. Our experience with our clients is aimed at having an enduring rewarding relationship; meaning not just a once off experience but one that rewards the investment of our clients in terms of their time, trust and financial resources.

We handle Software development, Apps development, e-commerce solutions and website designs. The business is driven by our strong core values of innovation, Quality, Excellency, Passion and Futuristic thinking.

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Our corporate philosophy is “Innovative Thinking” this is our blue print for an assured future. We believe Innovative thinking is the new serge of life for the future, because the future is what we a creating now not just where we are going.


We are a software development company majoring in-app development, E-Commerce Systems and Website designs.


We don’t compromise on quality our definition of quality is the best, we are the pulse of all business solutions. By our service delivery we create a lasting relationship not just a once off relationship with our customers. We aim to give our clients a thought through memorable experience second to none.


We show pride, enthusiasm and dedication in everything that we do. We are passionate about winning and delivering superior quality services. passion is who we are not just what we do.


This is our accuracy of getting it right with our clients the first time this expresses our desire to always be the best and delivery unquestionable business solutions beyond client’s expectation.


This is our cutting-edge advantage, we believe every one desires a better future and we are here to provide them that through our innovative business services.


This is our all engaging tag line aimed at creating the dominant mindset of possibility for both our clients and ourselves. With the advent of change caused by so many factors i.e. competition, technological changes, regulatory reforms and many others, we believe no business must close out but revolutionalize and evolve into an even better profitable company. All this is encored on futuristic thinking knowing that the future is not a place we going to but one we are creating today through innovative and robust thinking in our service delivery.


Think Opportunities

We stand to work with you to unveil the various opportunities that exist and creating those that don’t exist to turn your business into a success story through our various services and products. Our passionate team of futuristic thinkers stands ready to unveil the curtain to your desired future welcome to Opportunities.

Time is everything

Time has no promise of extension at Cratos time is both money and life reason we don’t compromise on delivery time.

User experience our drive

Our technologies are user friendly living our customers with an excellent user experience.

Strategic Partnership

As a software company we hope to change the landscape of Zambia by forging strategic partnership with financial institutions aimed at promoting a digital cashless society.

Our team

We have been team of five dedicated visionaries with various skills in Programming, Finance, Development and Sales

Mr. Andrew Mudolo

Sales and Motivation Coach

Zondo Chulu

Consultant and Development Expert

Mr. Emmanuel Milandile

Financial Analyst

Kennedy Chibwe

Technology Expert

Nkole Evans

Software Engineer

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